Meet Andi

Hi, I’m Andi. I began sewing at the tender age of 8, making my dad a necktie in a beginner's sewing class. After quite a few years of sewing clothes both for myself and my daughters, I moved into quilting and never looked back. I'm absolutely obsessed now!

I started quilting in 2010. Actually, I had made a few quilts before then, but this is when the bug bit me. I've had severe quilting fever ever since and find myself quilting most hours of the week!

Over the years, I've learned that finding the right fabric is perhaps the most important step in creating a beautiful and unique quilt. That's why I started Andi's Quilt Co.— to provide beautiful and memorable design options across the board that suit every style!

Visit my website,, for even more beautiful fabric lines. I strive to sell all my offerings in my Etsy shop, but all are available there. In addition to being an online fabric retailer, I also offer services in custom quilting, t-shirt quilting, and longarm.

Happy quilting!

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